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Trish Stratus reveals what she would NEED for WWE RETURN

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WWE enthusiasts have been buzzing with anticipation ever since Trish Stratus, the iconic WWE Hall of Famer, hinted at a potential return to the ring.

After her memorable stint at WrestleMania 39 and her subsequent activities on the Raw brand, fans are eager to know what it would take for this wrestling legend to make another appearance.

Earlier this year, fans were treated to a delightful surprise when Trish Stratus made her comeback at WrestleMania 39.

This unexpected return saw her actively participating on the Raw brand until the beginning of September. Given the impact of her recent run, it’s no wonder that the wrestling community is abuzz with speculations about her next move.

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Trish Stratus WWE Return: What Would It Take?

During a Q&A session at the Big Texas Comic Con (via Tales From The Collection: Autographs & Fan Mail), Stratus was inundated with questions about her future with WWE.

Addressing the burning question of her return, she emphasized the importance of the creative aspect. For Stratus, it’s not just about coming back; it’s about the purpose and storyline behind the return: “But this is the thing, I’m like… the boxes it has to check. One is the creative. What is the creative? What am I going to come back and do? Is it going to check these boxes? So, I always turn it back to people and go, ‘I might go back but who should I face?’ Tell me, I wanna know.”

She expressed her thoughts, saying that there are certain boxes that need to be checked. The primary one being the creative direction. She posed a question back to the fans, asking who they’d like to see her face in a potential return.

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No Plans for Other Wrestling Companies

When probed about the possibility of her joining another wrestling company, Stratus was quite clear in her response.

She stated that the chances of such a move were slim, indicating her loyalty and association with WWE.

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Trish Stratus: Memorable Encounters

Stratus’s recent WWE journey was marked by intense rivalries, especially with Becky Lynch. Fans witnessed Stratus taking on the role of a heel, something she hadn’t done in nearly two decades.

This period also saw her participating in her first-ever ladder and steel cage matches. Becky Lynch, Stratus’s former adversary, has since claimed the title of NXT Women’s Champion, showcasing her prowess both on the gold brand and Monday Night Raw.

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  • Who is Trish Stratus?
    • Trish Stratus is a renowned WWE Hall of Famer known for her significant contributions to the wrestling world.
  • When did Trish Stratus last appear in WWE?
    • Trish Stratus made her last appearance in WWE at Payback 2023.
  • What are the conditions for her return?
    • Stratus emphasizes the importance of the creative direction and storyline for her potential return.
  • Has Stratus considered joining other wrestling companies?
    • As of now, Stratus has indicated that she is unlikely to join another wrestling company, hinting at her strong association with WWE.
  • Who was her recent rival in WWE?
    • During her recent stint, Stratus had a notable rivalry with Becky Lynch.
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