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Trish Stratus TEASES RETURN in 2024

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In an exciting development for wrestling fans, Trish Stratus, one of WWE’s most iconic figures, has hinted at a potential return to the ring in 2024.

This news has sent ripples through the wrestling community, stirring speculation and anticipation.

WWE News: A Glimpse into Stratus’ Illustrious Career

Trish Stratus, renowned for her athleticism and charismatic presence, has been a pivotal figure in women’s wrestling. Her career, spanning several years, is decorated with numerous championships and memorable matches.

Stratus, a seven-time WWE Women’s Champion, has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of women’s wrestling, inspiring a generation of female wrestlers.

The Tease: Social Media Buzz

The buzz began when Stratus posted a cryptic message on her social media platforms. The post, which included a montage of her past matches, was accompanied by a suggestive caption that hinted at a possible return to WWE in 2024.

This post has since garnered significant attention, with fans and wrestling pundits dissecting its potential implications.

WWE News: Fan Reaction and Speculation

The reaction from the wrestling community has been overwhelmingly positive. Fans have taken to various platforms to express their excitement and speculate on what Stratus’ return could mean for the current landscape of WWE.

Discussions range from dream matchups to the impact her return could have on the Women’s Division.

WWE News: Potential Impact on Women’s Wrestling

Stratus’ return could significantly influence the Women’s Division in WWE. Her experience and star power could provide a substantial boost, potentially leading to high-profile matches and storylines.

Moreover, her presence could serve as a mentorship opportunity for the current roster, helping to elevate the overall standard of women’s wrestling.


  • Who is Trish Stratus?
    • Trish Stratus is a former WWE wrestler, known for her significant contributions to women’s wrestling.
  • How many times has Trish Stratus been WWE Women’s Champion?
    • She has won the WWE Women’s Championship seven times.
  • What did Trish Stratus’ social media post suggest?
    • Her post hinted at a potential return to WWE in 2024.
  • What has been the reaction to the news of her possible return?
    • The wrestling community has reacted positively, with fans expressing excitement and speculating about her potential matchups and impact.
  • How could Trish Stratus’ return affect WWE?
    • Her return could positively impact the Women’s Division, potentially leading to high-profile matches and serving as a mentorship opportunity for current wrestlers.
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