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NXT Superstar DEBUTS on WWE SmackDown

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In a thrilling turn of events, NXT star Tyler Bate made a spectacular debut on WWE SmackDown’s New Year’s Revolution, reuniting with his former tag team partner, Butch.

This reunion marked a significant moment in WWE history, as it brought together two-thirds of the renowned “British Strong Style” squad.

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Tyler Bate’s Journey to SmackDown from WWE NXT

Tyler Bate, a prominent figure in NXT, has a storied history with Butch, previously known as Pete Dunne.

Their paths diverged as Bate continued to build his legacy in NXT, while Butch made his mark on the SmackDown roster. However, their paths converged once again on this momentous night.

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The Reunion of British Strong Style

The reunion was sparked by a challenge from Pretty Deadly to Butch, who needed to find a tag team partner.

Bate stepped up, rekindling the dynamic partnership that had been a cornerstone of their earlier careers. This move not only excited long-time fans but also introduced newer audiences to the rich history these two wrestlers share.

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The Match: A Display of Skill and Strategy

The match itself was a showcase of Bate’s wrestling prowess and strategic acumen. In a stunning display of teamwork, Bate and Butch executed a double “Tyler Driver 97,” securing a victory over Kit Wilson of Pretty Deadly.

This win not only marked a successful debut for Bate but also reestablished him as a formidable force in the WWE universe.


  • Who is Tyler Bate?
    • Tyler Bate is a professional wrestler known for his time in NXT and now a member of the WWE SmackDown roster.
  • What is the “British Strong Style”?
    • British Strong Style refers to a wrestling faction originally comprising Tyler Bate, Butch (formerly Pete Dunne), and Trent Seven.
  • How did Tyler Bate win his debut match on SmackDown?
    • Tyler Bate, alongside Butch, won his debut match by executing a double “Tyler Driver 97” on Kit Wilson.
  • What does Tyler Bate’s debut mean for WWE?
    • Tyler Bate’s debut on SmackDown introduces new storytelling possibilities and a heightened level of competition within the WWE.
  • Who challenged Butch and Tyler Bate?
    • Pretty Deadly challenged Butch, leading to the reunion with Tyler Bate as his tag team partner.
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