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Former WWE Superstar makes HUGELY CONTROVERSIAL comments about his children

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In a recent and shocking revelation, Tyrus, the former WWE superstar and current NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, has made some deeply controversial remarks regarding his children and their choice of pronouns.

Tyrus, who now serves as an analyst for Fox News, has been quite vocal about his far-right views. On the August 21st, 2023 edition of Fox News’ Gutfeld!, he made a statement that has since sent shockwaves through the media and wrestling community.

Tyrus expressed that if his children ever approached him to share their preferred pronouns, his reaction would be to give them an “a**-whooping”. His exact words were, “If my kids came home and said, ‘Daddy, my pronouns are this, this and this.’ Yeah, my pronoun would be “a**-whooping.”

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The Backlash for the former WWE Superstar

The comments made by Tyrus have not gone unnoticed. Many have taken to social media platforms to express their disdain and disappointment.

A notable reaction came from Lance Storm, a fellow wrestler, who expressed his strong disagreement with Tyrus’s views in a tweet.

The Larger Issue

The topic of gender pronouns and identity has been a significant point of discussion in recent years. Many individuals, especially from the younger generation, are becoming more open about their gender identities and are requesting that others respect their chosen pronouns.

Tyrus’s comments, therefore, not only reflect his personal views but also touch upon a larger societal debate about acceptance and understanding.

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Tyrus’s Wrestling Career

For those unfamiliar with Tyrus, his real name is George Murdoch. He began his wrestling journey training in WWE’s farm territories, including Deep South Wrestling and Florida Championship Wrestling.

He later made his debut during the fourth season of WWE NXT. Standing at 6’7″ and weighing 375 lbs, Tyrus has always been a formidable figure in the ring.

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