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Original Undisputed WWE Universal Championship belt leaked?

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Roman Reigns was recently given a brand new Undisputed WWE Universal Championship belt by Triple H on SmackDown, but was it the original design?

@ViperReports on Twitter forwarded an image to us that they received back in September 2022 showing what appeared to be a new WWE title design.

At the time though, it wasn’t clear whether or not the belt would actually be used for anything, but if you compare it to Roman’s new belt, it is quite similar.

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Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Belt

Check out the design that we were sent below and see how it compares to Reigns’ new belt that he got on SmackDown recently:

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Original Design
From @ViperReports

There are obviously differences when you look at the design below, especially the fact that the gold on the belt is ‘shiner’ (for want of a better word).

This could just be the lighting, but the above design/the ‘original’ design seems to have more of a John Cena Spinner Belt vibe to it? Not sure, but that’s how it looks from a general glance in terms of the colouring.

Check out Roman below with the belt that he actually got from ‘The Game’ on SmackDown, it certainly looks the part on the Tribal Chief.

Roman Reigns WWE Championship

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