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UNSEEN Jade Cargill training video LEAKED

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Despite not having made her in-ring debut on WWE television, Jade Cargill has managed to keep the WWE fanbase intrigued.

Recently, a training video featuring Cargill has surfaced, showcasing her impressive wrestling abilities and fuelling anticipation for her eventual WWE debut.

Jade Cargill: Journey to WWE

Jade Cargill, a former AEW star, signed with WWE, stirring excitement among fans eager to see her compete in the ring. While WWE has plans for her, indicating their high regard for her talents, her in-ring debut has been delayed.

Cargill debuted at the WWE Fastlane Premium Live Event and has since appeared on Monday Night RAW, NXT, and Friday Night Smackdown. However, she has not wrestled a single match yet.

Training at the Hart Family Dungeon

The leaked training video, uploaded by Natalya on her Instagram stories, reveals Cargill honing her skills at the Hart family dungeon.

Notably, she performed an Owen Hart sequence, demonstrating her technical prowess and athleticism. This footage has become a significant talking point among wrestling enthusiasts, showcasing Cargill’s dedication and skill.

The Unveiling of Jade Cargill and her Training Regime

Cargill’s current training schedule at the WWE Performance Center was recently unveiled, yet there remains no indication of when she will step into a WWE ring on television.

Her main roster status is uncertain, and fans are encouraged to stay patient regarding her in-ring debut. The Royal Rumble Premium Live Event, taking place on January 27th, could potentially be a platform for her debut.

FAQs about Jade Cargill’s Training Video

  • What does Jade Cargill’s training video show? The video displays Cargill’s impressive in-ring skills, including a sequence paying homage to Owen Hart.
  • Where is Jade Cargill training? She is training at the Hart family dungeon and the WWE Performance Center.
  • Has Jade Cargill made her WWE in-ring debut yet? No, she has appeared on various WWE shows but has not wrestled a match on television.
  • What is the significance of the Hart family dungeon in wrestling? The Hart family dungeon is renowned for its rigorous training regime and has produced many wrestling legends.
  • When might Jade Cargill make her WWE in-ring debut? While uncertain, there is speculation that she might debut at the Royal Rumble Premium Live Event.
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