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UPDATE on the TNA Wrestling and WWE relationship

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The landscape of professional wrestling witnessed a notable event at the recent Royal Rumble, where Jordynne Grace, a prominent figure in TNA (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling), made a surprise appearance.

This occurrence has sparked widespread discussion about the current state and future prospects of the relationship between WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and TNA.

WWE News: Jordynne Grace’s WWE Debut

At the Royal Rumble, fans were treated to an unexpected debut by Jordynne Grace, a renowned TNA wrestler. Entering as the 5th participant in the Women’s Royal Rumble match, Grace’s appearance was not only a surprise but also a significant moment, as it marked the first time a TNA talent participated in such a high-profile WWE event.

Her performance, which included a memorable face-off with Naomi, reignited their rivalry from their TNA days. Despite a strong showing, Grace was eventually eliminated by Bianca Belair.

WWE News: The Implications of Grace’s Appearance

While Grace’s participation in the Royal Rumble was a highlight, it’s crucial to understand its implications for the WWE-TNA relationship.

Despite the excitement, it appears that Grace’s appearance was a one-time arrangement. She remains under contract with TNA, and there’s no indication of an ongoing partnership between WWE and TNA.

This was further confirmed by reports from Mat Men’s Andrew Zarian, suggesting that WWE has not announced any new developments regarding a partnership with TNA Wrestling.

WWE News: Future Prospects and Speculations

The prospect of a long-term collaboration between WWE and TNA remains uncertain. While WWE’s inclusion of a TNA talent in a major event like the Royal Rumble is noteworthy, it doesn’t necessarily signal the start of a regular partnership.

The wrestling community is left to speculate whether WWE might continue to feature TNA talent occasionally or if this was a unique occurrence.


  • What happened at the Royal Rumble regarding TNA and WWE?
    • Jordynne Grace from TNA made a surprise appearance in the Women’s Royal Rumble match.
  • Does Jordynne Grace’s appearance indicate a partnership between WWE and TNA?
    • No, her appearance seems to be a one-time arrangement, and she remains under contract with TNA.
  • Will WWE and TNA form a long-term relationship?
    • Currently, there’s no indication of a long-term partnership between WWE and TNA.
  • Can we expect more TNA talents in WWE events?
    • While possible, the extent of any future cooperation between WWE and TNA remains uncertain.
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