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ECW legend talks SHOCKING Vince McMahon allegations

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In a recent episode of Busted Open Radio, ECW legend Tommy Dreamer opened up about the ongoing scandal involving Vince McMahon and the latest WWE news.

Dreamer, a former WWE star, stressed the importance of maintaining a safe and accountable workplace in the wrestling industry. His comments come amid swirling allegations against McMahon, which, if proven true, could mark one of the most significant scandals in wrestling history.

Dreamer emphasised that regardless of the scandal’s outcome, accountability is paramount. “If it is true, everybody needs to be held accountable for it,” he stated.

He also highlighted the often overlooked aspect of false allegations, noting that such outcomes don’t receive enough attention.

WWE News: Personal Connections and Business Decisions

Reflecting on his personal connection with McMahon, Dreamer shared how the scandal has been challenging for both him and fellow wrestler Mark Henry. “We personally know Vince McMahon.

“We’ve worked with Vince McMahon but we’ve also had friendships with Vince McMahon,” he explained. Despite these personal ties, Dreamer acknowledged the necessity of an in-depth investigation into the allegations.

From a business standpoint, Dreamer agreed with WWE and TKO’s decision to distance themselves from McMahon. He noted McMahon’s understanding of the impact this scandal has on WWE, leading to his decision to step away.

Mark Henry, another wrestling veteran, also weighed in, expressing the need to hear both sides of the story. “Based on the alleged story from Miss Grant’s side, you don’t want to just take one side of the story, you want both sides of the story,” Henry stated.


  • What did Tommy Dreamer say about the Vince McMahon scandal?
    • Dreamer emphasized the importance of accountability and a safe workplace, regardless of whether the allegations are true or false.
  • How has the scandal affected Dreamer and Mark Henry personally?
    • Both wrestlers have personal connections with McMahon, making the situation challenging for them.
  • What stance did Dreamer take on WWE and TKO’s decision regarding McMahon?
    • Dreamer agreed with their decision to distance themselves from McMahon, citing business implications.
  • What is Mark Henry’s view on the allegations?
    • Henry believes it’s important to consider both sides of the story before drawing conclusions.
  • Are the allegations against McMahon proven?
    • As of now, the allegations remain unproven, and an investigation is ongoing.
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