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Lawyer makes SENSATIONAL claim regarding Vince McMahon allegations

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In a recent development that has sent shockwaves through the wrestling community, a prominent lawyer has made a bold assertion concerning the legal battle Vince McMahon is currently embroiled in.

The former WWE CEO and chairman, McMahon, has found himself at the centre of grave allegations of sexual trafficking and misconduct, as brought forward by a former WWE employee, Janel Grant.

The accusations detail that McMahon shared explicit content of Grant without her consent and coerced her into engaging in sexual activities with other WWE employees, unnamed executives, and stars.

WWE News: The Legal Perspective

Dmitriy Shakhnevich, a lawyer with insights into the case, shared his thoughts on the likelihood of this lawsuit reaching trial.

Speaking on Sportskeeda’s UnSKripted podcast, Shakhnevich pointed out that a vast majority of cases, statistically over 90%, end in settlements rather than going to trial.

Given these statistics, he suggests that it is highly probable that McMahon’s case will also settle out of court. This perspective sheds light on the common legal outcomes and suggests a possible direction for the ongoing lawsuit.

WWE News: The Possibility of Criminal Charges

Shakhnevich also touched upon the potential for the civil case to escalate into criminal proceedings. While acknowledging the serious nature of the allegations, which could warrant a criminal investigation, he cautioned against jumping to conclusions prematurely.

As of now, McMahon has not been arrested, and the legal process is still unfolding. The lawyer’s comments highlight the uncertainty and complexity surrounding the case, emphasising the need for a fair and thorough examination of the facts before drawing any conclusions.

Community Reaction and Implications

The wrestling community and fans worldwide are closely watching the developments of this high-profile case.

The allegations against McMahon have not only led to his resignation from WWE but have also sparked a broader discussion about conduct and accountability in the wrestling industry.

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  • What are the allegations against Vince McMahon?
    • Vince McMahon faces allegations of sexual trafficking and misconduct, including sharing explicit content without consent and coercing sexual activities.
  • Who made the allegations?
    • The allegations were made by Janel Grant, a former WWE employee.
  • Will Vince McMahon’s case go to trial?
    • According to lawyer Dmitriy Shakhnevich, it is statistically likely that the case will settle out of court rather than go to trial.
  • Could the case turn into criminal proceedings?
    • While there is a possibility, it’s too early to conclude, and as of now, McMahon has not been arrested.
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