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Vince McMahon ‘firmly back in charge’ of WWE creative after Endeavor deal

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Vince McMahon was back in charge of Raw after Endeavor deal

WWE announced their deal with Endeavor early yesterday morning. McMahon sat down with Endeavor head Ari Emanuel and confirmed that he was returning to WWE creative. While McMahon suggested that he would not micro-manage things, this promise seems to have been broken already.

Vince McMahon is back

Reports started coming before last night’s Raw after WrestleMania that the show saw a lot of rewrites. PWInsider noted that a number of rewrites were made late in the evening:

“About 15-20 minutes before Raw went live on the air, a number of late rewrites for the episode were ordered, described as not “feeling” like the type of changes talents and staff had come to expect under Paul Levesque.”

The changes continued even after the episode went on air and the directions came directly from McMahon. He had his own office just as he did before his retirement and McMahon was ‘firmly back in charge’ following the Endeavor deal:

“We were told by multiple sources who were at Raw that there was no doubt that Vince was firmly back in charge following the Endeavor acquisition of the company. The night started with Paul Levesque on headsets running Raw, but as the taping went on, it was McMahon who was more and more involved as the point person running the show. “

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