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Top WWE star could leave if Vince McMahon trend continues

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A top WWE star could reportedly leave the company if the trend of Vince McMahon and his involvement continues.

Vince McMahon ‘firmly’ returned to power in WWE after the Endeavor deal was announced early on Monday. While the company spent the whole day assuring people that nothing would change in terms of creative, the promises were seemingly broken by the end of the day.

The WWE Chairman apparently arrived late at RAW and started rewriting the show. The changes reportedly continued even after the episode went on air, and there were several originally planned segments that were cut from the script.

Top WWE talent to leave because of Vince McMahon?

Fightful Select noted that this led to a ‘huge hit’ in morale within the company. Though they mentioned that Vince McMahon was already in LA before Raw for WrestleMania weekend. So whether or not he ends up travelling for SmackDown will be a big sign of how things will be in the future:

“However, if he travels all the way to Portland for Smackdown, whether he’s in Gorilla Position or not, it will be a huge negative sign to talent and staff. There are important people in the company who had no idea he was planning to make changes Monday, and don’t know his plans for Friday.”

If the trend of Vince’s increased involvement with the creative continues however, there are talents who may ask for their release from the company:

“Fightful heard from at least two talent, including one near the top of the card that said they’ll likely request their releases if this is a trend moving forward, and another that said they’ll just ride out their deal. There are multiple wrestlers who are already exploring what their options would be in the event Vince McMahon were to be steadily involved.”

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