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Vince McMahon responds to Dana White’s STARTLING claims

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Vince McMahon has responded to Dana White’s recent comments.

The former WWE Owner recently made a rare public appearance. He was accompanied by The Undertaker as the duo attended the Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou boxing event in Saudi Arabia. There were a number of other notable names present for this show including Eminem and Mike Tyson who got seated next to the wrestling personalities on the show.

Vince McMahon responds to Dana White

The duo of McMahon and Taker were stopped by MMA Junkie for a brief interview. Vince was asked about Dana White claiming that McMahon tried to ‘f**k him’ many times in the past. Replying to the remark, the former WWE chairman explained that he doesn’t do business that way:

“Please. I don’t do business that way. I don’t bust anybody’s chops unless they get in the way. Dana and I get along very, very well. He’s really a good guy. We’re good partners and good businessmen. [If] you’re a good businessman, you get along.”

The Dead Man was also asked about the two combat sports promoters having to work together after the recent merger. The Undertaker said that it’s hilarious because both of them are very similar:

“I think it’s hilarious. They’re so similar, the both of them. Yeah, they’re very similar. They say what’s on their minds, and they’re both really good businessmen, and they definitely want the best for each of their brands.”

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