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Vince McMahon: Former WWE Owner Listed as a RISK FACTOR in SHOCK Filing

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In a startling revelation, Vince McMahon, the former CEO and chairman of WWE, has been flagged as a potential risk factor in a recent filing by TKO Holdings.

This development comes as part of the company’s third-quarter earnings report for 2023, where McMahon’s board membership has been cited as a possible source of financial and operational detriment.

Vince McMahon: Board Membership Raises Concerns

TKO Holdings has expressed concerns that Vince McMahon’s presence on their board could lead to negative publicity and additional scrutiny, which may amplify other risks previously identified.

This apprehension is rooted in the ongoing investigation into McMahon’s alleged misconduct, including accusations of sexual misconduct and undisclosed payments.

Financial Repercussions and WWE’s Response

The investigation into McMahon’s actions has already incurred significant costs for WWE, and these are expected to persist as the company continues to deal with the fallout.

WWE has had to revise its financial statements to account for unrecorded expenses totalling $19.6 million, which McMahon has agreed to pay personally.

This adjustment was necessary to reflect expenses from 2006 through 2022, which were not properly recorded in the company’s consolidated financial statements.

McMahon’s Resignation and Return

In the wake of these allegations, McMahon resigned from all positions at WWE in July 2022 but maintained a controlling interest as a stockholder.

Surprisingly, in January 2023, he was elected as Executive Chairman and made a return to the company. This move has been met with mixed reactions, given the ongoing investigations and the potential impact on WWE’s business relationships and operational dynamics.


  • What is the risk associated with Vince McMahon’s board membership?
    • McMahon’s board membership at TKO Holdings is considered a risk due to potential negative publicity, financial implications, and additional scrutiny that could affect the company’s operations.
  • Has Vince McMahon paid for the unrecorded expenses?
    • Yes, McMahon has agreed to personally pay for the unrecorded expenses totaling $19.6 million, which were not initially recorded in WWE’s financial statements.
  • Did Vince McMahon resign from WWE?
    • McMahon resigned from all his positions at WWE in July 2022 but returned as Executive Chairman in January 2023.
  • Will the investigation into McMahon’s conduct continue to incur costs for WWE?
    • Yes, the costs associated with the investigation are significant and expected to continue as WWE deals with ongoing and potential new inquiries and claims.
  • Could WWE’s business partnerships be affected by the investigation?
    • While no significant loss of business has been reported, there is a potential risk that business partners’ perceptions could change negatively due to the ongoing investigation.
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