Vince McMahon gave specific orders for Rick Boogs character

Vince McMahon WWE

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WWE Chairman Vince McMahon reportedly loved the energy that Rick Boogs had during the pandemic tapings of WWE shows at the Performance Center.

Speaking to GiveMeSport, Boogs revealed that he was told by some of the higher-ups in the company to “tone it down,” but that Vince McMahon himself wanted him to “be himself.”

“At first, it was funny. The first day we did it, I was more high energy than ever because I was fresh and the whole pandemic was going on, so we weren’t doing anything at the time too” Rick Boogs began.

“I was just screaming my head off and going crazy. The higher-ups were like, ‘you’ve got to tone it down a little bit. Take it back a notch.’ I was like, ‘eh, we’ll see about that.’ I just kept it up and I heard that Vince wanted it” Boogs revealed.

“He was like, ‘no, just let him be himself.’ And then eventually, doing that over and over again and all that, I got a lot of people, especially when I got called up and I was in the locker room with everyone on the regular, they all stressed how much they appreciated the high energy” the SmackDown Superstar concluded.

Rick Boogs on Vince McMahon

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