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Vince McMahon has a HUGE role in TKO Group following WWE merger

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Vince McMahon, although no longer the undisputed top figure in WWE’s corporate hierarchy, maintains a position significantly above Dana White.

This revelation comes in the wake of the recent merger between WWE and UFC under the banner of ‘TKO Group Holdings’.

This significant merger was commemorated with a ceremony at the New York Stock Exchange, attended by notable personalities from WWE, UFC, and Endeavor.

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Vince McMahon and The Power Dynamics

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter sheds light on the internal dynamics post-merger. While Triple H is set to continue as the head of creative for WWE, the ultimate authority remains firmly in the hands of Vince McMahon.

This is particularly noteworthy given that UFC holds a 51% stake in the newly formed company.

McMahon’s superior position in this hierarchy is a testament to his unparalleled prowess and reputation in the wrestling promotion world.

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McMahon’s Relationship with Endeavor CEO

Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel has played a pivotal role in ensuring McMahon’s esteemed position within the merged entity.

Emanuel has consistently demonstrated immense trust in McMahon’s capabilities as a wrestling promoter.

In fact, Emanuel has gone on record stating that in the event of a disagreement on wrestling-related matters, he would yield to McMahon’s judgement.

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The Significance of the Merger

The merger of two giants, WWE and UFC, under ‘TKO Group Holdings’ is a monumental event in the world of sports entertainment.

With Vince McMahon’s elevated role, it’s evident that his influence and expertise are still highly valued, even after serving as the chairman and CEO of WWE from 1982 to 2022.

His leadership and vision have been instrumental in making WWE the world’s largest professional wrestling company.

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