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Update on the Vince McMahon Netflix Series

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The world of wrestling entertainment has long been synonymous with the name Vince McMahon, a figure both controversial and (previously) pivotal in the industry.

Recent developments have brought exciting news for fans and followers alike: a Netflix series focusing on McMahon’s life is set to release soon, as confirmed by Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio.

WWE News: Vince McMahon Netflix Series Journey to the Screen

Since 2021, there has been a buzz about a television series based on McMahon’s life.

Meltzer, who recently visited Los Angeles for a taping, hinted that the series’ release is closer than anticipated. He disclosed his involvement in the project, stating, “The Netflix series is going to be out sooner than you think.”

A Comprehensive Look at McMahon’s Life

This series promises to be an all-encompassing portrayal of McMahon’s life, covering every significant aspect and event he has been involved in.

Remarkably, McMahon himself, who last year halted a biopic about his life, has been interviewed for this series, suggesting it aligns more closely with his vision.

WWE News: Changes and Reshoots

Intriguingly, the series has undergone significant changes during its production. Initially, it was set to portray McMahon as the owner of WWE.

However, following the sale and merger of WWE with UFC, extensive reshoots were necessary to update the storyline and maintain relevance to McMahon’s current life.

Meltzer’s Involvement

Meltzer’s involvement in the series is noteworthy.

He mentioned doing multiple tapings, indicating his significant contribution to the narrative and perhaps providing insider perspectives on McMahon’s career and influence in wrestling.


  • What is the Netflix series about Vince McMahon? The series is a comprehensive portrayal of Vince McMahon’s life and his impact on the world of wrestling entertainment.
  • Who is involved in the production of the series? Dave Meltzer, among others, has been involved, with McMahon himself being interviewed for the series.
  • Why were there reshoots for the series? Reshoots were necessary to update the storyline following the sale and merger of WWE with UFC, reflecting the changes in McMahon’s professional life.
  • When is the series expected to be released? While an exact release date hasn’t been confirmed, Dave Meltzer hinted that it’s coming sooner than expected.
  • Will the series cover McMahon’s entire life? Yes, the series aims to cover all significant aspects and events of Vince McMahon’s life.
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