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Footage resurfaces of Vince McMahon being grilled over sexual harassment claims in WWE

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Resurfaced footage of Vince McMahon defending the then-WWF, now WWE, back in 1992 has put the sexual harassment allegations against him in a new light for younger fans.

Vince McMahon appeared on the Donohue Show back on March 16, 1992, where he was questioned by Murray Hodgson, a former employee who alleged that he was harassed by the Vice President of the company at that time, Pat Patterson. It was a pretty big piece of WWE news back then, but it has a completely different tone to it now.

“There is a possibility of that, that’s why I have these independent investigators to come in, Fairfax Group Limited” McMahon claimed on the show to Hodgson, “I would like to hear what you have to say and everyone has to say. I want to get to the bottom of it.”

Hodgson denied these advances and was subsequently removed from his role at the company weeks later. At the time, and during the interview, McMahon claimed that he removed Hodgson purely due to performance issues as an on-screen personality.

WWE News: Vince McMahon Resurfaced Footage Allegations

McMahon would question Hodgson as to why he decided to wait 6 months after his firing before making these claims against the since-deceased Patterson.

“You [Hodgson] are aware that you waited six months after you were let go to bring these homosexual charges against Pat Patterson. Six months you waited, September 14th. You were fired for incompetence all right. Why didn’t you say right then why didn’t you say, ‘Hey look Vince your vice president a pass at me.’ You never told me that, no one had any knowledge of that? Human Resources did not know of that. Why did you wait wait six months? You asked me for a hundred and sixty thousand dollars otherwise you were coming on this programme [Donohue].

Whilst these are historical claims, it is of course worth checking out the footage for yourself as it appears to allegedly paint a light on the culture of the company at that time, and perhaps that continued into the legal issues that McMahon is facing today.

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