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Vince McMahon makes a SENSATIONAL claim about WWE’s relationship with Saudi Arabia

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In a recent revelation that has taken the wrestling world by storm, Vince McMahon, the chairman and CEO of WWE, has made a bold statement regarding the company’s association with Saudi Arabia.

Speaking in the backdrop of the Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou boxing match in Saudi Arabia to MMAJunkie, McMahon’s words have added a new dimension to the ongoing narrative about WWE’s ties with the Middle Eastern nation.

WWE: New Home

McMahon was effusive in his praise for Saudi Arabia’s commitment to sports entertainment. He stated, “Everything they’re doing is so much. They’re delving into the superior aspects of all of sports entertainment. Everything that is the best in the world, it’s going to be here. This is our home now. This, as been pronounced, this is our home, WWE’s home!”

Such a declaration from the former owner of WWE underscores the significance of the relationship between the wrestling giant and Saudi Arabia.

The Undertaker Chimes In

The Undertaker, a legendary figure in the wrestling world, was also present at the event and shared his perspective on Saudi Arabia’s investment in the industry.

He remarked, “They’re [Saudi Arabia] awesome. It’s a commitment that they’re making to bring the absolute most outstanding sporting events and entertainment, they’re trying to bring it here and they’re doing everything possible to make that happen.”

A Strategic Alliance between WWE and Saudi

WWE’s association with Saudi Arabia isn’t just a fleeting partnership. It’s a strategic alliance that has been forged over the years, with both parties reaping mutual benefits.

Saudi Arabia, in its quest to diversify its economy and enhance its global image, has been investing heavily in sports and entertainment.

WWE, on the other hand, sees the country as a lucrative market, ripe for expansion.


  • What did Vince McMahon say about WWE’s relationship with Saudi Arabia?
    • Vince McMahon stated that Saudi Arabia is now WWE’s home, highlighting the deep ties between the two.
  • Was The Undertaker present at the Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou boxing match?
    • Yes, The Undertaker was present at the event and spoke about Saudi Arabia’s commitment to bringing top-notch sporting events to the country.
  • Why is Saudi Arabia investing in sports entertainment?
    • Saudi Arabia is aiming to diversify its economy and enhance its global image by investing in sports and entertainment.
  • Is WWE looking at Saudi Arabia as a potential market for expansion?
    • Yes, WWE sees Saudi Arabia as a lucrative market and is keen on expanding its presence in the country.
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