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Vince McMahon to Carmella – “Some top guys can’t cut a promo like you”

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WWE Superstar Carmella recently appeared on Ryan Satin’s Out of Character podcast. The former 2-time Women’s Money In The Bank discussed a number of topics during the show, including how Vince McMahon reacted big to one of her in-ring promos.

‘I was super excited. At that point in my career, I had never won a title and thought it was something that would solidify me as making history” Carmella began, talking about her winning the first ever Women’s Money In The Bank match.

“Even though I wasn’t the one grabbing the briefcase and I knew that would be very controversial, but I thought even better that it’s controversial because people would be talking about it” Carmella added. “It was trending on Twitter for a few days because people were so upset.”

“To me, I loved the drama, I loved the controversy around it. Because of that, we ended up having it again a week later, and I was able to grab it myself that time. I remember just thinking, ’˜I’m doing it. This is big. I’m doing something big.’”


Vince McMahon praises Carmella

Carmella finished by revealing the reaction that Vince McMahon had to her post-SmackDown MITB win. “The SmackDown after winning, I cut a promo and I going out there and going, ’˜This is my opportunity. Let me go out there and kill it.’”

“I came back through the curtain and Vince was so complimentary to me about my promo that night and was like, ’˜Some of my top guys can’t even cut a promo like that’” Carmella revealed. “So I was just so excited and it ended up hat I won it again. I think it really propelled my career.’

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