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UPDATE on WWE creative after Vince McMahon is REMOVED

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The wrestling world has been abuzz with the recent changes in WWE’s creative direction following Vince McMahon being removed from his pivotal role.

This seismic shift came in the wake of WWE’s takeover by Endeavor and its subsequent merger with UFC, leading to the formation of the TKO Group.

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Triple H Takes the Reigns over Vince McMahon

One of the most significant outcomes of this transition is Triple H’s ascension to the helm of WWE Creative. He now oversees almost the entirety of WWE’s creative direction, a move that came at the behest of Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel.

While Vince McMahon has shifted his focus to other sectors within the company, the impact of Triple H’s leadership is already palpable.

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A New Dawn for WWE Stars

In the brief period since these changes, there’s been a noticeable increase in the number of WWE stars getting the spotlight on various shows.

This has not only diversified the roster but has also led to a significant boost in backstage morale. The rapidity of these changes has left many insiders and fans alike pleasantly surprised, with some even describing the transformation to Fightful Select as ‘overnight’.

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Vince McMahon: His Lingering Influence

Despite his removal from direct creative involvement this year, Vince McMahon’s legacy and influence remain evident.

His preferences, especially concerning which wrestlers get airtime, have continued to shape the shows.

Recent matches, such as those featuring Ivar vs. Kofi Kingston and Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Ricochet, underscore the emphasis on the in-ring aspect of Raw.

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A Breath of Fresh Air

Insiders have noted that while Vince McMahon’s tweaks to the shows were often minimal throughout the year, the recent changes have infused a fresh energy into the creative process.

With a broader and more diverse talent pool now at their disposal, the creative team has more freedom to experiment and innovate.

This is a stark contrast to the past, where McMahon was known for making last-minute alterations, sometimes even during the weekend.

Vince McMahon: Remote Involvement

Interestingly, even when McMahon was actively involved, he often made changes remotely. Whenever he got wind of the creative plans, he would suggest modifications and indicate his preferences regarding the wrestlers’ appearances on the shows.

Reflecting on McMahon’s statement about no longer being ‘in the weeds’ of the creative process, one writer humorously remarked that McMahon seemed to have “sprayed roundup on the weeds and checked in on them every so often.”


  • Who has taken over WWE’s creative direction after Vince McMahon’s removal?
    • Triple H is now in charge of almost the entire WWE creative direction.
  • What led to the changes in WWE’s creative direction?
    • WWE’s takeover by Endeavor and its merger with UFC to form the TKO Group prompted these changes.
  • Has there been a change in the number of WWE stars featured on the shows?
    • Yes, more WWE stars are now being featured, leading to a boost in backstage morale.
  • Is Vince McMahon still involved in the creative process?
    • While Vince McMahon is no longer directly involved in the creative process, his influence and preferences continue to shape the shows.
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