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Vince McMahon caused WWE employees to EYEROLL with BAFFLING claims

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Vince McMahon, a name synonymous with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) universe, has always been a figure of authority and influence, good or bad.

Over the past year, WWE has undergone significant changes. McMahon, after a brief hiatus, made a grand return to reclaim his position at the helm.

His comeback was not just about regaining control; he played a pivotal role in facilitating a merger between WWE and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). This merger ensured that McMahon retained his influential position in the wrestling world.

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Vince McMahon: The Controversial Statement

During a recent company meeting at WWE’s headquarters, McMahon took the stage to address the employees. It was during this address that he made a claim which left many in the room taken aback.

McMahon expressed his belief that the company had become “stagnated” prior to his return and the merger with UFC to create TKO Holdings. This assertion was not received well by several attendees.

In fact, it led to quite a few employees rolling their eyes in disbelief. The sentiment was that WWE had been performing well even in his absence, and his comment seemed to undermine the efforts of those who had been at the forefront during his hiatus.

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The Aftermath of the Comment

Sean Ross Sapp highlighted that McMahon’s comment about the company’s stagnation did not sit well with many within WWE in a recent report for Fightful Select, which noted that several WWE insiders were baffled by McMahon’s remarks: “Vince McMahon said that the company had plateaued or stagnated and the merger needed to happen to take the company to the next level. This gained a lot of eye rolls and reactions within the company, who pointed to WWE touting record numbers. This comment led many to reaffirm their beliefs that Vince McMahon did a deal so he could return to WWE.”

They felt that the company was far from plateauing and that the merger with UFC was not just a means to elevate the company but also a strategic move for McMahon to mark his return.

There’s a growing belief among some that McMahon’s keenness for the merger was driven by his desire to make a grand re-entry into the WWE fold.

This speculation gained traction especially after it was revealed that McMahon rejoined the WWE creative team merely a week after his spinal surgery. His brief absence from the company did not deter him from having strong opinions about its direction and performance.

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Reflecting on WWE’s Performance

The larger question that emerges from this episode is: How was WWE truly performing before McMahon’s return? Was the company indeed stagnating? Well considering that the metrics were WAY up across the board? It’s fair to say that it was nowhere near stagnant.

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