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Vince McMahon: How he feels about WWE and UFC merger REVEALED

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The world of professional wrestling and mixed martial arts witnessed a seismic shift recently with the official merger of WWE and UFC. This merger culminated in the formation of TKO Group Holdings, a conglomerate that promises to reshape the landscape of combat sports entertainment. But what does Vince McMahon, the stalwart of professional wrestling, think about this merger? Let’s delve into the details.

Vince McMahon, a name synonymous with professional wrestling, has been appointed as the Executive Chairman of the Board of TKO Group Holdings.

This move signifies the importance of McMahon’s leadership and vision in this new venture. Alongside him, Nick Khan will continue in his role as the President of WWE, ensuring that the wrestling giant’s legacy remains intact.

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Vince McMahon: Swift Recovery and Return

Vince McMahon’s dedication to the wrestling business is unparalleled. Even after undergoing major back surgery, his recovery has been swift.

As Nick Khan mentioned during his appearance on The Bill Simmons Podcast, McMahon’s recovery has been faster than expected.

Khan stated, “Look, assume that he’s doing it faster than he should be doing, which, one might say, ‘Hey, slow down, slow down.’ But again, I don’t think to the Vinces and the Danas of the world there is any slowing down, so he seems to be progressing quite well.”

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The Reason Behind the Merger

One might wonder if McMahon’s decision to merge WWE and UFC was influenced by his desire to remain involved with the company during his recovery.

However, Khan clarified that this wasn’t a deciding factor. McMahon’s primary concern was ensuring that every shareholder received equal treatment:

“I don’t think that was a deciding factor in this. I think Vince approached it as, ‘Hey, I want to make sure every shareholder is treated the same way I, Vince, am treated.’ And it was the Endeavor folks who asked him to stay in once the process was well underway, and bids were already in, and all of those things.”

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The Future of Media Rights

The merger brings up interesting questions regarding the media rights of both WWE and UFC. Currently, NBCU is a significant partner of WWE, while Disney holds a similar position with UFC.

Interestingly, these deals don’t expire simultaneously. WWE’s media rights are set to expire in October 2024, with UFC’s following a year later.

With two major companies like NBCU and Disney involved, the future of media rights in the post-merger landscape remains a topic of keen interest.

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