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Vince McMahon: WWE Superstar reveals when he ‘crying laughing’ at musical gimmick

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In the world of professional wrestling, gimmicks can make or break a wrestler’s career. They can define a character, create memorable moments, and even change the course of storylines. One such gimmick that had an unexpected impact was Xavier Woods‘ trombone. According to Woods, the trombone gimmick was so hilarious that it had WWE Chairman Vince McMahon “losing his mind, crying laughing.”

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The Origin of the Trombone Gimmick

The trombone gimmick was born during the early stages of The New Day, a popular wrestling stable consisting of Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E. The original plan, as Woods revealed on the Insight with Chris Van Vliet podcast, was for The New Day to sing while making their way to the ring.

Woods shared, “So at that point, we were trying to see what they would say yes to, and things that we could do’¦ They were like, ‘Hey, we want you guys to come down and like sing a song ’¦’ And I go to the guys like, ‘You think they’ll give us a trombone?’ We texted them back, and we all kind of like waited with bated breath, and then they go, ‘Yeah, we can get you a trombone.'”

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Vince McMahon and The Impact of the Trombone Gimmick

The trombone was initially meant to be a part of their singing routine, but it quickly became a staple of Woods’ character. Even after the singing aspect was abandoned, Woods continued to play the trombone during matches.

“So I started playing it during the match, and one of the camera guys is like crying ’¦ He goes, ‘You gotta keep playing that trombone,'” Woods recalled.

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Vince McMahon’s Reaction to the Trombone Gimmick

The trombone gimmick was not only a hit with the audience and the crew but also with Vince McMahon.

Woods stated that McMahon was “losing his mind, crying laughing” over the trombone gimmick. This reaction from McMahon, known for his stern demeanour and high standards, is a testament to the unexpected humour and charm of the trombone gimmick.

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