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Former WWE Writer makes sensational ‘sexism’ claim against the company following treatment of company legend

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Former WWE head writer Vince Russo has recently made serious claims about sexism within the WWE, but what are his claims?

Russo expressed his dissatisfaction with the recent booking of Natalya, a veteran wrestler who has been with the Stamford-based promotion for over 16 years.

Despite her long tenure, Natalya has only had three title reigns, the last of which was in 2017. Since then, Russo claims, she has been treated as an afterthought.

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The Double Standards in WWE

Russo highlighted what he perceives as double standards within the WWE. He noted that while male stars are often considered to be in their prime at 41, Natalya, who is the same age, is deemed to be past her prime and is being used to put over others.

Russo stated on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Legion of RAW podcast, “Sexism is still alive and well in WWE. Natalya is the perfect case in point. This woman is 41 years old and her career is over, why? She looks in tremendous shape. Bro, how many guys are in their prime at 41? We can name a billion wrestlers who at 41 are in their prime. She is done at 41, why is she done at 41? I don’t understand.”

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Russo’s Further Observations

Russo continued to express his concerns about the treatment of female wrestlers in WWE. He questioned the company’s commitment to its female talent, suggesting that they may not truly care about these wrestlers.

Russo said, “She still looks good to me, you could tell she is still committed to the gym. She still works her butt off. So my point is, do they really care about any of these girls? Stephanie is not there anymore, this was Stephanie’s pet project, do they really care or are they just going to put them out there.”

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Natalya’s Recent Matches

Natalya has been involved in a feud with Rhea Ripley over the last few weeks. The duo locked horns at Night of Champions, where The Eradicator secured a victory over the veteran in 70 seconds.

However, Natalya was given an opportunity to redeem herself as a rematch took place on RAW this week. Despite putting up a great fight and taking the dominant champion to her limits, Natalya once again came up short against the Women’s World Champion.

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