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WWE NXT Superstar reportedly suffered SKULL FRACTURE on the show

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WWE NXT is a platform where Superstars constantly strive to make their mark. Last week, Von Wagner and Bron Breakker clashed in a match that has since become the talk of the town.

The match took a shocking turn when Breakker, in an unexpected move, used the steel ring steps to strike Wagner’s head. This incident not only stunned the audience but also raised concerns among the NXT backstage crew.

Following the incident, Von Wagner had to be stretchered out of the venue. The latest update from WWE NXT reveals that Wagner suffered a skull fracture during that altercation.

The statement read, “Von Wagner has been diagnosed with a minor skull fracture. Thankfully, Von Wagner was able to move at the last moment to take away the full impact. However, due to his history of brain and skull surgeries, his return has yet to be determined. He’s currently under the watchful eyes of top specialists and medical staff.”

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WWE NXT: The Reality Behind the Storyline

While the incident with the steel steps is part of the storyline, there are whispers that Wagner’s history of brain conditions might be genuine.

It remains to be seen how WWE will incorporate this angle in future storylines. Both Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin have been emphasising this steel steps narrative, hinting that it might be a focal point in upcoming episodes.

We’re confident that this is all part of a storyline, but recent reports from sites like indicate that there was genuine panic backstage when the segment happened.

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Fans and the Wrestling Community React

The wrestling community and fans have been buzzing about the Steel Steps stunt. Many have taken to various platforms to express their views and concerns about the incident.

The severity of the injury, combined with Wagner’s medical history, has made this one of the most discussed topics in recent WWE history.

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