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WWE Universal Champion: Current, History and more

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, the WWE Universal Championship stands as a prestigious title, representing the pinnacle of achievement in the WWE Universe.

Established on July 25th, 2016, this championship has become a symbol of wrestling excellence, showcasing the talents of the finest wrestlers in the industry.

WWE Universal Champion: The Inception of the Championship

The birth of the WWE Universal Championship was a direct consequence of the 2016 WWE Draft, which saw the WWE Championship become exclusive to SmackDown.

This left the Raw brand without a world title, leading to the creation of the Universal Championship. Named in honour of the WWE fanbase, the WWE Universe, the championship was designed to be the top title of the Raw brand.

The First WWE Universal Champion

Finn Balor made history by becoming the inaugural Universal Champion at SummerSlam on August 21st, 2016. His victory was remarkable, as he was the first WWE wrestler to win a world title in his pay-per-view debut and within less than a month of his debut on WWE’s main roster.

However, his reign was short-lived due to a shoulder injury, leading to him vacating the title the following day.

The Championship’s Journey and Reigns

Since its inception, the Universal Championship has been a centrepiece at major WWE events, headlining several pay-per-views, including WrestleMania and SummerSlam.

The title has seen transitions between brands and champions, with Roman Reigns currently holding the championship in his second reign, which is the longest in the title’s history.

Roman Reigns: The Current Champion

Roman Reigns, a dominant figure in WWE, won the Universal Championship on August 30th, 2020, at Payback. His victory marked the beginning of the longest reign in the championship’s history.

Reigns’ prowess and charisma have made his reign a significant chapter in the annals of the WWE Universal Championship.

The Evolution of the Championship Belt

The design of the Universal Championship belt has evolved over time, reflecting the changes in brand and champions.

The belt’s strap colour indicates its brand exclusivity, with red symbolising Raw and blue for SmackDown. Custom designs have also been introduced, adding a unique flair to the championship’s appearance.

The Championship’s Reception

The Universal Championship has faced its share of criticism and acclaim. While some have criticised its design, others have focused on the prestige and significance it holds in the wrestling world.

The championship continues to be a focal point of WWE programming, representing the highest level of competition in the company.

WWE Universal Champion FAQ

  • What is the WWE Universal Championship?
    • It’s a professional wrestling world championship in WWE, created in 2016.
  • Who was the first Champion?
    • Finn B├ílor became the inaugural champion in 2016.
  • Who is the current Universal Champion?
    • As of now, Roman Reigns holds the title.
  • What does the Championship represent?
    • It represents the top achievement in the WWE Universe.
  • Has the championship belt design changed over time?
    • Yes, the belt has undergone design changes, reflecting brand transitions and champion personalities.
  • What makes the Universal Championship significant?
    • Its status as a top title in WWE and its history of being held by top wrestlers in the industry.
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