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Former AEW and NWA star DEBUTS on WWE NXT

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In a significant move within the wrestling world, former AEW and NWA performer Madi Wrenkowski has made her debut on WWE NXT, now wrestling under the new ring name Wren Sinclair.

This marks a notable transition for Sinclair, who has previously graced the rings of AEW Dark and NWA Powerrr.

Madi Wrenkowski’s Journey to WWE NXT

Sinclair’s journey in professional wrestling has been a diverse and dynamic one. She has wrestled numerous matches on AEW Dark and NWA Powerrr, including an appearance on AEW Rampage.

Her tenure in these promotions spanned from 2020 to 2023, showcasing her growing prowess in the ring.

WWE News: Sinclair’s NXT Debut

Sinclair’s WWE television debut occurred last week in a backstage segment. However, her in-ring debut was during the 20-woman No. 1 contender’s match on Tuesday’s episode of NXT.

She entered the ring as a replacement for Cora Jade, who had sustained an injury. Despite a valiant effort, Sinclair was the final woman to be eliminated from the Battle Royal, which then transitioned into a fatal four-way.

Achievements and Background

Before joining WWE, Sinclair had a successful stint in the independent wrestling scene, particularly in Texas. She made appearances with Mission Pro Wrestling, River City Wrestling, and Texas Style Wrestling, among others.

Notably, she is a former NWA World Women’s Tag Team Champion, having won the titles alongside Missa Kate as M95 in February 2023.

WWE News: Training and Signing with WWE

Rumours of Sinclair signing with WWE began circulating in November when she reportedly started training at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, following a WWE tryout in September.


  • Who is Wren Sinclair?
    • Wren Sinclair, formerly known as Madi Wrenkowski, is a professional wrestler who has debuted on WWE NXT.
  • What promotions did Sinclair previously wrestle in?
    • Sinclair has wrestled in AEW Dark, NWA Powerrr, and appeared on AEW Rampage.
  • What is Sinclair’s achievement in NWA?
    • Sinclair is a former NWA World Women’s Tag Team Champion.
  • When did Sinclair reportedly start training with WWE?
    • Sinclair reportedly began training with WWE in November, following a tryout in September.
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