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WrestleMania London: WWE legend reveals when he believes it will take place

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Eric Bischoff, a renowned figure in the wrestling world, recently shared his thoughts on the possibility of WWE having a WrestleMania London event.

During the latest episode of his 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff discussed the potential move following John Cena’s unexpected return and hint at the WWE Money in the Bank 2023 pay-per-view event.

Bischoff stated, “Well, if I was going to bet, I would bet we’re going to see one very soon, within five years.”

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WrestleMania London: The Impact on American Audience

Bischoff also touched on the implications of hosting pay-per-views in foreign countries, which would mean different viewing hours for their American fanbase, which is still WWE’s core audience.

He noted, “Yeah. You know, we’ve been so accustomed for decades now of pay-per-views being Sunday nights, right? 8:00 Eastern. And it’s always been a challenge to schedule that differently. It’s risky, right? But I think more and more we’re seeing that being on Sunday nights at eight o’clock is no longer mandatory.”

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The Shift in Pay-Per-View Consumption

Reports have indicated that with the gradual obsolescence of traditional pay-per-view and the transfer of the WWE Network to Peacock in the United States, alternate viewing hours for the American audience no longer pose a significant challenge for WWE.

This shift in consumption patterns could pave the way for more international events.

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Logistical Challenges and Short-Term Focus

Despite the potential benefits, Bischoff suggested that logistical issues would still mean that it would likely take WWE considerable time and effort to bring WrestleMania to the United Kingdom.

He added that the company should also focus on the short-term, bringing more marquee events to the country. He said, “I guess if John Cena mentioned that the UK deserves or should get a WrestleMania, that’s one thing. I don’t know why they wouldn’t go over there with a different pay-per-view.”

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The Potential for Other Major Events in the UK

Bischoff further suggested that other major WWE events could also be successful in the UK.

He proposed, “I think any one of the tentpoles pay-per-views that WWE does ’” for example, the Rumble ’” could easily play in the UK, and it could be done sooner. I think announcing WrestleMania two years from now is, ’˜Eh, it’s cool.’ But announcing Royal Rumble, doing it a little closer to the [show] would make sense.”

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