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WWE 2K24 cover art creator reacts to ALLEGATIONS of using AI

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In the world of video game art, authenticity and originality are paramount. Recently, the cover art for the upcoming WWE 2K24 game, a much-anticipated release in the wrestling game series, found itself at the centre of a controversy.

Allegations surfaced that the cover art might have been created using Artificial Intelligence (AI), sparking a debate about the role of AI in artistic creation.

WWE News: Artist’s Firm Stance Against AI

Jonathan Bartlett, the artist behind the WWE 2K24 cover, took to Twitter to address these allegations. In a passionate defence of his work, Bartlett vehemently denied the use of AI in creating the cover art.

His tweet, laden with a strong sentiment against AI in art, highlighted the challenges artists face in an era where AI-generated imagery is becoming more prevalent.

Bartlett’s stance was clear: his art is a product of hard-earned skill and dedication, not the result of AI algorithms.

The Artistic Integrity Debate

This incident has reignited the discussion about the role of AI in creative fields. While AI has made significant strides in various sectors, its place in artistic creation remains contentious.

Critics argue that AI undermines the value of human creativity and skill, while proponents see it as a tool that can enhance artistic expression.

Bartlett’s response to the allegations reflects a broader concern among artists about maintaining the integrity and recognition of human creativity in the digital age.

WWE News: WWE 2K24 – A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

WWE 2K24, set to feature Cody Rhodes on its main edition cover and Rhea Ripley & Bianca Belair on the Deluxe Edition, promises to be a blend of wrestling tradition and modern gaming technology.

With a special ’40 Years of WrestleMania’ edition, the game aims to celebrate the rich history of WWE while leveraging the latest in gaming technology.


  • What was the allegation against the WWE 2K24 cover art? The cover art was accused of being created using Artificial Intelligence.
  • Who is the artist behind the WWE 2K24 cover? Jonathan Bartlett is the artist responsible for the cover art.
  • What was Jonathan Bartlett’s response to the AI allegations? Bartlett strongly denied using AI and emphasized his commitment to traditional artistry.
  • What editions are available for WWE 2K24? The game will feature a main edition with Cody Rhodes and a Deluxe Edition with Rhea Ripley & Bianca Belair.
  • Why is the use of AI in art controversial? The use of AI in art raises questions about the value of human creativity and the authenticity of artistic expression.
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