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WWE Amazon Prime: The LATEST on potential new home for RAW

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In a move that could redefine the landscape of sports entertainment broadcasting, WWE Monday Night Raw is rumoured to be considering a shift from its long-standing home on NBCUniversal to the streaming giant, Amazon Prime Video, according to a new report from Sports Business Journalism reporter John Ourand.

This potential transition, expected to take place after the current media rights deal expires in October 2024, signals a significant shift in the industry, aligning with the evolving patterns of media consumption.

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WWE Amazon Prime: The Shift to Streaming

The proposed move to Amazon Prime Video reflects a broader trend in television viewing habits. As cable TV experiences a decline in viewership, streaming services are gaining ground, offering a more flexible and data-driven approach to broadcasting.

This change is not just about platform preference; it’s a strategic move that could enable WWE to leverage detailed viewership data, enhancing its advertising and sponsorship strategies.

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Potential Impact on WWE and Viewers

If WWE successfully transitions to Amazon Prime, it would mark a historic shift for the wrestling industry, moving its flagship show from traditional cable to a digital platform.

This move could potentially open up new revenue streams for WWE, given the precise viewership metrics and targeted advertising opportunities that streaming services offer.

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Other Contenders in the Fray

While Amazon Prime Video is a frontrunner, WWE’s broadcasting future remains open. Sports Business Journalism reporter John Ourand suggests that if negotiations with Amazon do not materialize, Disney could emerge as a potential partner.

In this scenario, WWE might find a home on Disney’s FX cable channel, alongside renewing its current UFC deal.

The Future of WWE Broadcasting

Regardless of the outcome, it’s clear that WWE is poised to make a strategic move that aligns with the changing media landscape.

The company is likely to seek a deal that maximizes both reach and revenue, ensuring its continued dominance in the sports entertainment industry.


  • What is the current status of WWE’s media rights deal?
    • WWE’s current deal with NBCUniversal is set to expire in October 2024.
  • Which platform is WWE considering for its new broadcasting home?
    • WWE is considering moving Monday Night Raw to Amazon Prime Video.
  • What could be the impact of this move?
    • This could lead to enhanced viewership data utilization and potentially higher revenue streams for WWE.
  • Are there any other potential broadcasting partners?
    • Disney is another potential partner, with the possibility of airing WWE on its FX cable channel.
  • Why is WWE considering a move from traditional cable?
    • The shift reflects changing viewer habits, with a move towards streaming services over traditional cable TV.
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