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WWE Crown Jewel 2023: UNADVERTISED Superstar SPOTTED in the area

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In a surprising twist leading up to WWE Crown Jewel 2023, the wrestling community is buzzing with the unexpected appearance of an unadvertised WWE superstar in Saudi Arabia.

The event, scheduled for November 4, has just become even more intriguing.

Grayson Waller: The Surprise Element for WWE Crown Jewel 2023

Grayson Waller, the superstar in question, has been spotted in Saudi Arabia, confirming his presence in the country just a day before the much-anticipated Crown Jewel 2023 event.

Waller’s sudden appearance has raised many eyebrows, especially since he was previously slated for house show dates over the same weekend.

However, it seems plans have changed. Dave Meltzer has reported that Waller was pulled from two of these shows in his latest Daily Update, hinting at a potential talking segment for him at Crown Jewel:

“We do have it confirmed that Grayson Waller is right now in Saudi Arabia. Waller had been booked on the shows in Rochester, NY and Springfield, MA, but was pulled and made a late addition to Crown Jewel, likely doing a talk segment.”

A Potential Feud Brewing at WWE Crown Jewel 2023?

Waller’s recent activities have not just been limited to surprise appearances. On a recent episode of WWE SmackDown, he was seen on commentary during a match where Kevin Owens emerged victorious over Austin Theory.

With tensions palpable and the feud seemingly far from its conclusion, fans are speculating about a possible showdown between the two, perhaps in Riyadh.

Waller’s Unexpected Jibe at Ronaldo

In a move that left many puzzled, Waller took a cheeky dig at legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo on Twitter.

This unexpected jibe comes amid separate rumours suggesting that WWE might be trying to rope in Ronaldo for a special appearance in Riyadh.

While the connection between Waller’s tweet and Ronaldo’s potential WWE appearance remains speculative, it certainly adds another layer of intrigue to the entire scenario.

WWE Crown Jewel 2023: The Bigger Picture

WWE Crown Jewel 2023 is shaping up to be one of the most talked-about events of the year. With surprise appearances, potential celebrity involvement, and brewing feuds, fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting the spectacle.

Waller’s unexpected presence in Saudi Arabia only heightens the anticipation, leaving everyone guessing about his role in the grand event.


  • Who has been spotted in Saudi Arabia ahead of WWE Crown Jewel 2023?
    • Grayson Waller, an unadvertised WWE superstar, has been spotted in the country.
  • Was Grayson Waller scheduled for other events during the same time?
    • Yes, he was initially advertised for house show dates over the weekend but was reportedly pulled from two shows.
  • Why is Waller’s appearance in Saudi Arabia significant?
    • His unexpected presence suggests a potential role or segment for him at the Crown Jewel event.
  • Did Waller comment on any other WWE superstars recently?
    • Yes, he was on commentary during a WWE SmackDown episode where Kevin Owens faced Austin Theory, hinting at a possible feud.
  • What’s the connection between Waller and Cristiano Ronaldo?
    • Waller recently tweeted about Ronaldo, and there are separate rumours of WWE courting Ronaldo for an appearance in Riyadh.
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