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WWE Crown Jewel 2023 Press Conference: Why the company CANCELLED it

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The WWE universe was buzzing with anticipation for the WWE Crown Jewel 2023 event in Saudi Arabia. However, much to the surprise of many, WWE decided to forgo its traditional press conference this time around.

Let’s delve into the reasons behind this unexpected move.

The Anticipation Surrounding WWE Crown Jewel 2023

WWE’s events in Saudi Arabia have always been grand affairs. Crown Jewel, in particular, is one of those afternoon premium live events that fans in the region eagerly await.

Historically, these events have been accompanied by press conferences, adding to the overall spectacle and giving fans a closer look into the happenings behind the scenes.

The Unexpected Turn of Events

The news first came to light when BWE, a known entity in the WWE community, updated fans about the travel plans for WWE Crown Jewel on their private X account.

They mentioned that the big-name talents would be arriving shortly and that a few would be visiting the site in the lead-up to the event.

However, when a fan enquired about the possibility of a press conference, akin to what had been conducted earlier in the year, BWE confirmed that WWE had no plans to hold any press conference in Saudi Arabia for this event.

The reason? The location apparently wasn’t prepared to host such conferences.

The Implications for Fans and Superstars

For fans who are actually planning on attending the event, the press conference has always been a way to feel more connected to the event and the superstars.

It’s an opportunity to get insights, hear from the wrestlers, and build up the excitement. The absence of a press conference this time around might be a disappointment for some.

On the flip side, for the WWE Superstars, this means they can commence their journey back home immediately after the event concludes, without any additional commitments.

The Larger Picture

Press conferences, especially for events of this magnitude, often serve a dual purpose. They’re not just for the fans but also play a pivotal role in media coverage and promotion.

By choosing not to have one for Crown Jewel 2023, WWE might be signalling a shift in their promotional strategy or perhaps adapting to logistical challenges specific to this event.


  • Why did WWE cancel the press conference for Crown Jewel 2023?
    • The location in Saudi Arabia wasn’t prepared to host such conferences.
  • Have there been press conferences for previous WWE events in Saudi Arabia?
    • Yes, WWE has held press conferences for their events in Saudi Arabia in the past.
  • How did fans find out about the cancellation?
    • BWE, a known entity in the WWE community, confirmed the cancellation in response to a fan’s query on their private X account.
  • Will the absence of a press conference affect the event’s promotion?
    • While press conferences play a role in promotion, WWE has a robust promotional machinery, and the event will likely receive ample coverage.
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