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WWE Crown Jewel 2023: HUGE CONTROVERSIAL name expected to be backstage for the event

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The wrestling world is abuzz with anticipation for the upcoming WWE Crown Jewel 2023 event. But it’s not just the in-ring action that has fans talking.

The backstage area might just be as intriguing, with a significant name expected to be present, sparking a flurry of discussions and speculations.

Vince McMahon, the stalwart of WWE, has been instrumental in forging a 10-year deal with Saudi Arabia. He’s no stranger to the country, having made numerous trips there. Recently, he even went on record to say that Saudi Arabia feels like WWE’s new home. This was during his visit to the country for the Tyson Fury fight.

However, the burning question on everyone’s lips was whether McMahon would be present for the Crown Jewel event.

McMahon’s Status for WWE Crown Jewel 2023

After the Tyson Fury fight, both Vince McMahon and The Undertaker departed Saudi Arabia. With Crown Jewel scheduled for November 4th, fans were left wondering if McMahon would return for the event.

Recent updates suggest that after the Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou fight, McMahon, along with The Undertaker, returned to the United States.

This means that if McMahon does make an appearance at Crown Jewel, he would have flown back to Saudi Arabia in a short span.

WWE Talent Heading to Saudi Arabia

As per PWInsider, the WWE roster is gearing up to leave for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in preparation for the 2023 Crown Jewel event.

Interestingly, John Cena is already in the region. Among the chatter, many believe that not only Vince McMahon but possibly Ari Emanuel might attend the event.

Post-Endeavor Takeover Changes

The landscape of WWE underwent a significant shift following the Endeavor takeover. Vince McMahon, once the driving force behind WWE’s creative direction, has now taken a step back.

Triple H reportedly oversees a whopping ‘99%’ of the creative aspects within the company. While things appear to be running seamlessly, McMahon’s sporadic appearances always make headlines.

The Future of WWE Without McMahon

With Vince McMahon gradually distancing himself from the day-to-day operations of WWE, fans and insiders alike are pondering the future of the company.

Can WWE thrive without its charismatic leader at the helm? Only time will tell. However, one thing is certain: whenever McMahon does make an appearance, it’s bound to be noteworthy.


  • Who is expected to be backstage at WWE Crown Jewel 2023?
    • Vince McMahon is the significant name expected to be backstage.
  • Did Vince McMahon recently visit Saudi Arabia?
    • Yes, he was in Saudi Arabia for the Tyson Fury fight and proclaimed the country as WWE’s new home.
  • Is John Cena in Saudi Arabia for the Crown Jewel event?
    • Yes, John Cena is already present in the region.
  • Who oversees the creative aspects of WWE now?
    • Triple H reportedly oversees ‘99%’ of the creative aspects within WWE.
  • What changes occurred in WWE post the Endeavor takeover?
    • Vince McMahon was removed from WWE creative, with Triple H now taking the reins.
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