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WWE CUTS expected to be coming in the near future

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The wrestling world is abuzz with the latest developments surrounding the WWE. As the merger between WWE and Endeavor approaches its conclusion, significant changes are on the horizon, and they may not all be positive for the employees and talent involved.

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WWE and Endeavor Merger: What’s in Store?

Endeavor recently confirmed in an earnings statement that its deal with WWE, which will also involve merging WWE and UFC, is set to be finalised in the latter half of September 2023.

This merger will result in the formation of a new company named TKO. With such a significant merger, redundancies are almost a given. This means that layoffs are likely on the cards, potentially affecting both WWE and UFC staff members.

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Potential Talent Releases: A Separate Concern

While the merger might lead to staff layoffs, the situation concerning WWE talent releases is distinct. As of now, there’s no official word on whether talent releases will be a part of the planned cost-cutting measures.

It’s crucial to note that speculating about talent releases without official confirmation can be misleading and harmful. Fans and followers are advised to wait for official announcements regarding any potential talent cuts.

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The Future of WWE Post-Merger

The merger’s implications extend beyond just potential layoffs. Combining two major entities like WWE and UFC under the TKO banner will undoubtedly lead to a reshuffling of roles, responsibilities, and perhaps even the overall direction of the company.

While the exact details remain to be seen, what’s certain is that the landscape of professional wrestling and mixed martial arts will witness a significant shift.

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