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WWE employees DID NOT LIKE recently released name

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The world of wrestling was abuzz when a top WWE name was let go as part of a significant layoff on Friday, September 15th.

This release was not just another routine business decision. The individual in question had reportedly not garnered much favour within the company.

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WWE and TKO Holdings: The Layoffs and Their Implications

The layoffs on September 15th were extensive, with over 100 employees being shown the door. Notably, departments like analytics and marketing faced the brunt of these decisions.

The WWE analytics team, which once boasted 20 members, was reduced to a mere three by the end of that fateful Friday.

One might wonder about the rationale behind such drastic cuts, but it appears that the presence of similar departments in UFC played a role, meaning that they were no longer needed following a merger.

The existing staff in UFC’s analytics and marketing divisions are now expected to manage the responsibilities of both UFC and WWE.

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Jamie Horowitz: The Centre of Controversy

Among the notable names released, Jamie Horowitz stood out. Previously serving as the Executive Vice President of Development and Digital, his departure was one of the first to be confirmed. But what makes Jamie’s case particularly intriguing is the atmosphere surrounding his tenure at WWE.

Horowitz was one of the significant hires by Nick Khan from DAZN. However, his entry into WWE was not without its share of controversy. From the outset, many were sceptical about his appointment. A significant portion of this scepticism came from female employees of WWE.

Their concerns were rooted in Horowitz’s past, particularly his 2017 exit from FOX Sports. Allegations of sexual harassment had led to his departure from the network, casting a shadow over his professional reputation.

Dave Meltzer shed light on the situation during a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio. He highlighted that Horowitz was not a popular figure within WWE even before his release. Meltzer’s comments underscored the prevalent sentiment: “There was a lot of negativity when he was hired. And, he wasn’t really well-liked in WWE from what I understand anyway. But he was a major exec there.”

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Horowitz’s Controversial Past

Jamie Horowitz’s hiring in June 2021 was met with reservations from many within WWE. The concerns were not unfounded.

Meltzer reported that numerous women in WWE expressed their unhappiness about Horowitz joining the company.

This discontent was primarily due to the allegations of sexual harassment against him, leading to his firing from FOX Sports in 2017.

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