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WWE Fastlane 2023: Main Event match LEAKED before the show

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The anticipation surrounding WWE Fastlane 2023 has reached fever pitch, and now, a significant revelation has added fuel to the fire.

The main event match for the show, scheduled to take place at Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, has been unveiled ahead of time by Boozer Wrestling on Twitter.

WWE Fastlane promises to be an evening filled with unforgettable moments. The main event, in particular, is set to be a high-octane affair, with the stakes higher than ever.

WWE Fastlane 2023: The Main Event Showdown

BWE has shed light on the final match of the night. Seth Rollins, the reigning World Heavyweight Champion, will defend his title against Shinsuke Nakamura. But this won’t be just any match; it’s a ‘last man standing’ contest.

This format ensures that the bout will be intense, with both superstars giving their all to emerge victorious.

Rollins’ Vulnerability

Seth Rollins, despite his champion status, has a potential Achilles heel. Recent reports suggest that he’s been grappling with a persistent back injury.

Nakamura, ever the strategist in storyline, might just exploit this weakness during their match, adding an extra layer of drama to the contest.

The Damian Priest Factor

Another intriguing subplot to watch out for is the presence of Damian Priest, who currently holds the ‘Senor’ Money in the Bank title.

His involvement could introduce unexpected twists and turns, making WWE Fastlane an event filled with surprises.


  • What is the main event for WWE Fastlane 2023?
    • Seth Rollins will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura in a last man standing match.
  • Where will WWE Fastlane 2023 take place?
    • The event is scheduled at Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis.
  • Is Seth Rollins dealing with any injuries?
    • Yes, reports suggest that Rollins has been managing a nagging back injury.
  • Who holds the Senor Money in the Bank title?
    • Damian Priest currently holds the title, adding an element of unpredictability to the event.
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