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WWE halts plans for Dominik Mysterio singles’ run

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The Mysterios, Rey and Dominik Mysterio made their much-awaited return to the programming during the latest edition of RAW. They have been eyeing for vengeance on Veer Mahaan after Dominik was taken out a few weeks ago. There were no signs last night that a split was imminent but Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that Rey and Dominik were told that they would be getting split up soon. WWE was ready to split them up a few times before but they put a pause on those plans.

WWE has halted plans for Dominik Mysterio

Meltzer said:

‘There’s been a lot of talk of splitting them up for like months’¦even when Aalyah was around, when they were doing the tension between Rey and Dominik all the time and then they just dropped the ball every single time and they would forget about it and everything. They probably set up the split like 3 or 4 times.’

Meltzer on what was said to them recently about splitting up:

‘I know that they were told this time when Rey took the time off to get stem cell [therapy] and they did the injury angle with Dominik that ’˜you know, we’re gonna have Dominik go on his own,’ which they have said before that they were gonna do that. But the problem is that Dominik on his own is gonna be dead. Rey will always be over because he’s Rey Mysterio but I don’t know that they will ever really do anything with him because between the size and the age.’

Meltzer noted that it looks like Rey and Dominik will be putting over Mahaan in their latest feud. He said:

‘People will always pop for [Rey] and you can always do something with him but do you think that they’re gonna have Rey beat Veer Mahaan? I don’t anticipate that they are. Rey’s job is to be the underdog and fight gallantly in losing to these guys. That’s the role that they have him in.’

We will have to see what is next for Dominik Mysterio.

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Bishal Roy