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WWE morale backstage has been DECIMATED following SHOCKING releases

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The world of professional wrestling has always been filled with ups and downs, both inside and outside the ring. However, recent events have led to an unprecedented decline in morale among WWE employees.

The atmosphere backstage, once filled with camaraderie and passion, now seems to be overshadowed by uncertainty and disappointment.

Just three days after the WWE’s merger with UFC/Endeavor to form TKO, over 100 WWE employees found themselves without jobs.

This sudden and unexpected move left many in shock. The aftermath of this decision was palpable. Employees, who were instructed to work remotely during the layoffs, didn’t even get the chance to bid farewell to their colleagues. The once bustling offices now stand eerily silent with numerous empty chairs and vacant cubicles.

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WWE: The Stephanie McMahon Factor

Many within WWE corporate reportedly believe that such a drastic decision would never have been made under the watchful eye of Stephanie McMahon, according to a new report from PWInsider.

Stephanie, known for her leadership and dedication to the brand, was always seen as a beacon of hope and inspiration for many employees.

Numerous employees recall the days when she actively worked towards fostering a positive environment, instilling pride, and boosting morale among the workforce.

The current sentiment suggests that under her leadership, such a ruthless business decision might not have been taken.

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The TKO Approach

The merger’s aftermath has raised eyebrows regarding the future direction of the company. With TKO at the helm, and the Endeavor/UFC side holding a slight majority stake, many believe that the recent layoffs were just the beginning:

“It should be noted not every division was hit with layoffs, so there are some wondering if there are additional firings coming. WWE President Nick Khan stated in an email Friday that the layoffs were done, so there does not appear to be more massive cuts in the short-term future, but certainly, as Endeavor takes control, there will be additional changes. That’s just business and how it works” PWInsider reported.

The fact that no UFC employees faced layoffs further cements this belief. The wrestling community is now left wondering how TKO will steer the ship in the coming days.

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Uncertainty Looms Large

While the dust from the recent layoffs is still settling, there’s a cloud of uncertainty regarding potential talent cuts. As of now, no such cuts have been reported, but the air is thick with speculation.

The entire WWE community, from employees to fans, is waiting with bated breath to see what the future holds.

Despite the current gloom, there’s a mandatory WWE employee meeting scheduled for tomorrow. Many hope that this meeting will shed light on the recent events and provide some clarity on the way forward.

The wrestling world will be keenly watching for any updates that emerge from this gathering.

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