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WWE on Netflix will DESTROY the WWE Network in the UK

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WWE confirmed today that Monday Night RAW will be exclusively available via Netflix live every single week from January 2025.

Whilst this is monumental news for fans in the States, it is also massive for fans in the United Kingdom, as it appears as though the WWE Network will be shelved and all content, including RAW, SmackDown, NXT and PLEs, will be moved to Netflix as well.

The UK Metro, whilst not able to give specific details, claimed that audiences in the United Kingdom will be getting way more on Netflix than their US counterparts:

“While it’s too soon for specific details, understands the WWE Network – and all its content – will be folded into Netflix, in a similar way to how Peacock’s deal in the US brought it all under NBC’s streaming platform.”

WWE News: WWE on Netflix

If that does turn out to be the case, then that signals the death knell for the WWE Network, at least in regions where this Netflix roll out will effect, including the UK.

This will be massively beneficial for fans who want to watch the weekly programming, as it appears that TNT Sports (around £40 a month) and the WWE Network (£9.99 a month) will be dropped for Netflix (Around £9.99 a month on average).

The only issue that fans will likely see is the archives that the company currently holds and presents on the Network being dropped, because will Netflix really care about hosting WCW Saturday Night (they should obviously)?

We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but this could finally be it for the WWE Network in the UK when 2025 hits.

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