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WWE has NO PLANS for main roster Draft callup

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In the dynamic world of WWE, the transition of superstars from NXT to the main roster is always a topic of intrigue and speculation among fans.

However, recent developments suggest that WWE has no immediate plans for utilising one of its NXT call-ups, Xyon Quinn, on the main roster.

Xyon Quinn, a New Zealand native and former rugby player, made a significant impact in NXT with his athletic prowess and charisma.

His transition from the rugby fields of Napier to the wrestling ring was seamless, earning him a reputation as a promising talent in WWE’s developmental territory. Despite this, Quinn’s journey post-call-up has been notably stagnant.

No Clear Path for Quinn on the WWE Main Roster

During a Q&A session on the Fightful Select Patreon account, wrestling journalist Sean Ross Sapp shed light on Quinn’s current status. Despite being drafted as a free agent in the 2023 WWE Draft, there appear to be no concrete plans for him on the main roster.

This lack of direction raises questions about the rationale behind his call-up. Quinn’s only notable appearance since then was in a battle royal for the Intercontinental Championship, but that has been the extent of his involvement.

WWE’s Draft Strategy: A Broader Perspective

WWE’s approach to drafting superstars from NXT has often been a mix of strategic planning and opportunistic moves.

While some NXT call-ups have found immediate success and prominent storylines on the main roster, others, like Quinn, seem to linger in uncertainty.

This disparity highlights the unpredictable nature of career trajectories within WWE.


  • Who is Xyon Quinn? Xyon Quinn is a professional wrestler from New Zealand, formerly a rugby player, known for his time in NXT.
  • What is the current status of Xyon Quinn in WWE? As of now, there are no specific plans for Xyon Quinn on the main roster, despite being called up as a free agent in the 2023 WWE Draft.
  • Has Xyon Quinn appeared on the main roster since his call-up? Quinn’s only notable appearance since his call-up was in a battle royal for the Intercontinental Championship.
  • What does this situation reveal about WWE’s draft strategy? The situation with Quinn highlights the unpredictability and varied success of NXT call-ups in transitioning to the main roster in WWE.
  • What is the future for Xyon Quinn in WWE? The future for Xyon Quinn in WWE remains uncertain, with no clear plans for him on the main roster as of the latest updates.
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