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WWE NXT couple SCRUB social media for traces of relationship

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In a surprising turn of events, WWE NXT stars Cora Jade and Bron Breakker have meticulously erased all traces of their relationship from their social media accounts.

This development has sparked widespread speculation among fans and followers about the current status of their relationship.

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The Beginning of a WWE Romance

Cora Jade and Bron Breakker, two prominent figures in the WWE NXT arena, were known to have been in a romantic relationship.

Their love story captured the attention of many, as they frequently shared their affection for each other on various social media platforms, especially Instagram.

Fans were treated to numerous photos and posts that celebrated their relationship, making this recent digital cleanup all the more intriguing.

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Cora Jade and Bron Breakker WWE NXT: A Sudden Change in Digital Footprint

Recently, a noticeable change occurred on both Jade and Breakker’s Instagram profiles. They have unfollowed each other and removed all photographs that showcased them together.

This action has led to rampant speculation about a potential split, though it’s important to note that there has been no official confirmation from either party regarding a breakup.

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The Impact on Fans and Followers

This development has certainly caught the attention of the WWE community, leaving many to wonder about the future of this once-celebrated couple.

The absence of official statements from Jade and Breakker only adds to the mystery and speculation surrounding their relationship.


  • What happened to Cora Jade and Bron Breakker’s relationship? There’s no official confirmation, but they have unfollowed each other and deleted all photos together on Instagram.
  • Have Cora Jade and Bron Breakker made any statement about their relationship status? As of now, neither Jade nor Breakker has publicly commented on the status of their relationship.
  • Is it common for WWE stars to have their relationships scrutinized? Yes, due to the public nature of their profession, WWE stars often find their personal lives under scrutiny.
  • Could their social media actions be a publicity stunt? Without official statements, it’s difficult to determine the intentions behind their social media cleanup.
  • What should fans keep in mind about this situation? Fans should be cautious about speculating and respect the privacy of Jade and Breakker during this time.
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