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WWE NXT Gets a NEW Broadcast Home from October 2024

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As of October 2024, WWE NXT is set to make a significant transition to a new broadcast home, marking a pivotal shift in its media strategy.

This move is not just a change of channel, but a strategic step that reflects the brand’s growing prominence and the evolving nature of broadcast media.

WWE NXT: New Chapter on CW Network

After a period of negotiations, WWE has confirmed that NXT will be moving from its current cable home on the USA Network to the CW Network, a broadcast television platform.

This transition is scheduled to occur when the show’s media rights expire in September 2024. The discussions between WWE and the CW Network have been described as ‘deep’, indicating a strong mutual commitment to the success of this venture.

The new deal is believed to be approximately five years in length, and it is anticipated to significantly increase NXT’s media rights fees.

This would represent the most substantial financial boost for the brand since its inception, a testament to the show’s increasing value and appeal.

Strategic Enhancements to NXT

WWE has been diligently working to enhance the value of the NXT brand. This includes featuring high-profile wrestlers such as Becky Lynch, Dominik Mysterio, and Seth Rollins.

Moreover, the recent ‘biggest NXT in history’ event on October 10th, which went head-to-head with AEW Dynamite, saw appearances from legends like John Cena, Cody Rhodes, and The Undertaker, as well as industry stalwarts such as Paul Heyman.

These appearances underscore NXT’s importance within WWE’s portfolio and its potential for growth on the CW Network.

Implications for WWE’s Media Rights

The move to the CW Network is part of a broader renegotiation of WWE’s media rights deals. This comes on the heels of a $1.2 billion agreement with NBCUniversal and the USA Network for SmackDown.

With SmackDown secured, the focus has shifted to finding new platforms for Raw and NXT, which currently air on the USA Network.

The CW Network’s involvement signifies a strategic diversification of WWE’s broadcast partnerships.

The Future of WWE NXT

The shift to broadcast television is a clear indicator of NXT’s rising prominence. Broadcast networks typically have a wider reach than cable channels, which could introduce NXT to a broader audience.

This transition is expected to be a catalyst for further growth and development of the NXT brand.


  • When will WWE NXT move to the CW Network?
    • WWE NXT is set to move to the CW Network in October 2024, following the expiration of its current media rights with the USA Network in September 2024.
  • How long is the new broadcast deal for NXT?
    • The new deal for NXT’s broadcast rights on the CW Network is expected to be around five years.
  • Will the move to the CW Network affect NXT’s programming?
    • While specific programming changes have not been detailed, the move is likely to bring more visibility and potentially attract new viewers to NXT.
  • Has WWE NXT appeared on broadcast television before?
    • NXT has primarily been a cable television program. The move to the CW Network marks its first foray into broadcast television.
  • What does this move mean for WWE’s media rights strategy?
    • The move indicates WWE’s strategy to diversify its broadcasting partnerships and platforms, aiming to enhance the reach and value of its programming.
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