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WWE NXT Ratings: Viewership confirmed for 16/01/24 episode

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The latest episode of WWE NXT, aired on January 16, 2024, witnessed a slight decline in its viewership numbers.

According to Wrestlenomics, the episode attracted an average of 683,000 viewers, marking a decrease from the previous week. This figure also came with a .19 rating in the coveted 18 to 49 demographic.

WWE NXT Ratings: Comparing Recent Episodes

To put these numbers into perspective, the January 9 episode of WWE NXT garnered an overnight average of 722,000 viewers, along with a .21 rating in the same demographic.

This indicates a gradual decline in viewership over the past week. Furthermore, the January 2 episode, which was the New Year’s Evil special, had achieved a significant boost with 768,000 viewers and a .25 demographic rating, highlighting its popularity.

WWE NXT Ratings: Highlights of the 16/01/24 Episode

The episode on January 16 featured several noteworthy moments. Fans saw Oba Femi addressing the audience as the NXT North American Champion for the first time.

The episode also dealt with Cora Jade’s injury, revealing a potential year-long absence from the ring. Additionally, JBL made an appearance to interact with Josh Briggs, adding more intrigue to the show. The 2024 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic continued, keeping the excitement levels high.

Shawn Michaels’ Influence

Under the guidance of Shawn Michaels, WWE NXT continues to deliver action-packed Tuesday nights. Despite the slight dip in viewership, the brand maintains its commitment to providing high-quality wrestling entertainment.


  • What was the viewership for the WWE NXT episode on 16/01/24?
    • The episode attracted an average of 683,000 viewers.
  • How did this viewership compare to the previous week?
    • There was a decrease from the previous week’s 722,000 viewers.
  • What significant events occurred in the 16/01/24 episode?
    • Oba Femi spoke as NXT North American Champion, Cora Jade’s injury was addressed, and JBL interacted with Josh Briggs.
  • What was the demographic rating for the 16/01/24 episode?
    • The episode scored a .19 rating in the 18 to 49 demographic.
  • Is WWE NXT’s viewership consistently high?
    • The viewership fluctuates, with some episodes like the New Year’s Evil special drawing higher numbers.
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