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WWE NXT Results: Everything that happened on the show (19/12/23)

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The latest episode of WWE NXT, aired on 19th December 2023, was a thrilling spectacle, showcasing some of the best of WWE‘s developmental system.

From high-stakes championship matches to intense rivalries, the night was packed with action. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what transpired during the show.

WWE NXT Results: Fallon Henley Triumphs Over Tiffany Stratton

The evening kicked off with a dynamic match between Fallon Henley and Tiffany Stratton.

Henley, known for her resilience and agility, showcased her skills brilliantly, ultimately securing a well-deserved victory over Stratton. This match set a high-energy tone for the rest of the evening.

NXT Men’s Breakout Tournament: A Showcase of Emerging Talent

The first round of the NXT Men’s Breakout Tournament saw some remarkable performances. Lexis King faced off against Dion Lennox in a match that highlighted both competitors’ athleticism and determination. King emerged victorious, marking a significant step in his journey within NXT.

In another first-round match, Tavion Heights took on Luca Crusifino. Heights’ impressive display of strength and strategy led him to victory, advancing him further in the tournament. These matches were a testament to the rising talent within NXT’s ranks.

Tag Team Action: James and Dame vs. Hail and Jane

The tag team match featuring Kiana James and Izzi Dame against Thea Hail and Jacy Jane was a display of teamwork and synchronicity.

James and Dame worked seamlessly together, ultimately defeating their opponents in a match that was as strategic as it was physical.

WWE NXT Results: NXT North American Triple Threat Championship

One of the night’s highlights was the NXT North American Triple Threat Championship match. Dragon Lee defended his title against Charlie Dempsey and Joe Coffey in a high-octane battle.

Lee’s agility and technical prowess were on full display as he successfully retained his title in this intense matchup.

More Singles Action: Lyons vs. Paxley

Nikkita Lyons faced Tatum Paxley in a singles match that showcased both competitors’ strengths and skills. Lyons, known for her powerful style, overcame Paxley in a match that added to the night’s excitement.

Tag Team Dominance: Gallus vs. Walker and Ledger

The tag team scene saw Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang with Joe Coffey) take on Hank Walker and Tank Ledger.

Gallus’ experience and teamwork were evident as they secured a victory, further establishing their dominance in the tag team division.

Non-Title Match: Dragunov vs. Holland Ends in No-Contest

The non-title match between NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov and Ridge Holland was highly anticipated.

However, the match ended in a no-contest, leaving the audience in suspense and setting the stage for future confrontations.


Who retained the NXT North American Championship?

  • Dragon Lee successfully retained the NXT North American Championship in a triple threat match.

Which tag team won their match on the 19/12/23 NXT show?

  • Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang with Joe Coffey) won their match against Hank Walker and Tank Ledger.

Was there a title change in the NXT episode on 19/12/23?

  • No, there were no title changes in this episode. Dragon Lee retained his NXT North American Championship.

Did any matches end in a no-contest?

  • Yes, the non-title match between NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov and Ridge Holland ended in a no-contest.

Who advanced in the NXT Men’s Breakout Tournament?

  • Lexis King and Tavion Heights advanced in the NXT Men’s Breakout Tournament.

This episode of WWE NXT was a blend of high-stakes drama, athletic prowess, and storytelling, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. The outcomes of these matches have set the stage for exciting developments in the weeks to come.

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