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WWE NXT Results: What happened on the show? (26/09/23)

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The world of professional wrestling never ceases to amaze, and the NXT episode on the 26th of September 2023 was no exception.

As the final show leading up to the much-anticipated No Mercy premium live event, fans were treated to a series of thrilling matches and unexpected moments. Let’s dive into the highlights of the evening.

NXT: Final Prelude to No Mercy

The atmosphere was electric as the NXT universe eagerly awaited the action-packed night.

One of the standout moments was a vignette seemingly featuring Brian Pillman, Jr., a former AEW star. His appearance added an extra layer of excitement and anticipation for the upcoming No Mercy event.

Match Highlights of the Night

  • Global Heritage International Tournament Victory: Butch emerged victorious against Joe Coffey, marking a significant win in the Global Heritage International Tournament.
  • Trick Williams vs. Joe Gacy: Trick Williams showcased his wrestling prowess by defeating Joe Gacy in a match that had fans on the edge of their seats.
  • Baron Corbin’s Dominance: Baron Corbin proved once again why he’s a force to be reckoned with, as he overcame Josh Briggs in a gripping contest.
  • Tag Team Action: OTM, comprising Lucien Price and Bronco Nima, displayed impeccable teamwork to defeat the duo of Hank Walker & Tank Ledger.
  • Strap Match Showdown: In a unique strap match, Eddy Thorpe came out on top against Dijak, adding another feather to his cap.
  • Thea Hail vs. Dani Palmer: Thea Hail showcased her skills and determination by defeating Dani Palmer in a match that had fans cheering for more.
  • Fatal-Four-Way Finale: The night culminated in a fatal-four-way match where Trick Williams stood tall, defeating Dragon Lee, Tyler Bate, and Axiom in a bout that will be remembered for ages.


Q: Who appeared in the vignette on the NXT episode?
A: Brian Pillman, Jr., a former AEW star, was featured in the vignette.

Q: Who won the Global Heritage International Tournament match?
A: Butch defeated Joe Coffey to clinch the victory in the Global Heritage International Tournament.

Q: Which match type did Eddy Thorpe and Dijak compete in?
A: Eddy Thorpe and Dijak competed in a strap match, with Eddy Thorpe emerging as the winner.

Q: Who were the participants in the fatal-four-way match?
A: The fatal-four-way match saw Trick Williams, Dragon Lee, Tyler Bate, and Axiom battling it out, with Trick Williams securing the win.

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