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WWE RAW: MAJOR Superstar undergoes backstage name change

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In a recent development, a prominent WWE RAW superstar has undergone an official name modification. This change aligns with the company’s recent trend of introducing alliterative nicknames for its wrestlers.

The superstar in question is none other than Bronson Reed, who has been frequently addressed as ‘Big’ Bronson Reed on WWE television broadcasts.

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Vince McMahon’s Alliterative Influx for WWE Superstars

The shift in Bronson Reed’s moniker is not an isolated incident. It’s part of Vince McMahon’s recent penchant for ‘alliterative nicknames’.

This trend is evident in several other instances. For example, Seth Rollins, another renowned WWE talent, transitioned to being called Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins in late 2021. Similarly, Gunther’s official internal roster name was altered to ‘The Ring General’ Gunther.

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Other Superstars Embracing the Trend

This naming convention isn’t limited to a select few. Several other WWE talents have adopted these catchy nicknames. ‘Dirty’ Dominik Mysterio and ‘The Ring General’ Gunther are just a couple of examples.

While some of these names have made their way to official match graphics, others are predominantly used during commentary.

Notably, the July 17th RAW episode saw a surge in the use of these alliterative nicknames. Some of the standout names from this episode include the ‘Hellions from Hades’ Judgment Day, the ‘Scintillating’ Santos Escobar and the ‘Cheeky’ Chelsea Green.

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The Impact of the Name Change

While a name change might seem superficial, it plays a crucial role in branding and identity within the wrestling world.

These alliterative nicknames not only add a unique touch to the wrestler’s persona but also make them more memorable to the audience.

It’s a strategic move by WWE to try and make their superstars stand out and create a lasting impression.

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