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WWE RAW: MASSIVE Superstar calls CM Punk a “hypocrite”

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In this week’s episode of WWE RAW, the wrestling world witnessed a fiery comment from one of its most prominent figures towards CM Punk.

WWE World Champion Seth Rollins, known for his charismatic and often controversial persona, made headlines with his scathing remarks about fellow wrestler CM Punk.

The incident, which unfolded in front of a live audience, has since become a topic of intense discussion among fans and insiders alike.

WWE RAW: Rollins’ Bold Statement

Rollins addressed the audience, and he was initially greeted by the crowd singing his theme song. However, the atmosphere quickly shifted as chants of “CM Punk” began to resonate throughout the arena.

Rollins, unfazed, urged the crowd to “get it out of their system,” declaring he wouldn’t waste any more energy on “that hypocrite.”

CM Punk vs Seth Rollins: The Background of the Controversy

This bold statement by Rollins comes on the heels of a viral video from Survivor Series, where he was seen shouting at Punk at ringside.

Initially, this was thought to be a spontaneous outburst, but it later emerged as part of a storyline angle between the two wrestlers.

Rollins’ comments on RAW further fueled this narrative, adding another layer to their ongoing rivalry.

WWE RAW: The Focus on the Championship

Amidst the controversy, Rollins shifted the conversation to the World Heavyweight Championship, a title he has worked hard to elevate in the industry.

His emphasis on the championship’s importance seemed to resonate with the audience, as they returned to singing his theme song, acknowledging his status as a fighting champion.

McIntyre’s Challenge and Rollins’ Response

The episode also featured Drew McIntyre, who expressed his desire to refocus on Rollins’ World Heavyweight Championship, setting aside his vendetta against Jey Uso.

Rollins acknowledged McIntyre’s merit but stated he wouldn’t be the next contender. Instead, Rollins revealed his plans to defend the title against Jey Uso in an upcoming match on RAW.

WWE RAW: The Physical Altercation

The segment took a physical turn when McIntyre headbutted Rollins, leading to a gash on his forehead. Despite the injury and his kilt ripping off, McIntyre continued the segment, showcasing his resilience and determination.

The altercation ended with Jey Uso running out to assist Rollins, with both delivering kicks to send McIntyre out of the ring.


  • What did Seth Rollins call CM Punk on WWE RAW? Rollins referred to CM Punk as a “hypocrite” during his address to the audience.
  • Why did Seth Rollins and CM Punk’s rivalry intensify? The rivalry intensified following a viral video from Survivor Series, where Rollins was seen shouting at Punk, leading to a storyline between the two.
  • What was the crowd’s reaction to Rollins’ comments about Punk? Initially, the crowd chanted “CM Punk,” but they eventually returned to singing Rollins’ theme song.
  • Who is Seth Rollins set to defend his title against? Rollins announced he would defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Jey Uso.
  • What happened between Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins on RAW? McIntyre headbutted Rollins, leading to a physical altercation that ended with Rollins and Jey Uso sending McIntyre out of the ring.
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