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WWE RAW: UNBELIEVABLE name backstage this week (27/11/23)

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In an unexpected turn of events, Dixie Carter, the former owner of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), was spotted backstage at the WWE RAW event on November 27th, 2023.

This sighting comes as a surprise to many in the wrestling community, as Carter has largely remained out of the wrestling spotlight since her last appearance at IMPACT Slammiversary in 2022.

WWE RAW: A Night of Anticipation and Returns

The November 27th episode of WWE RAW was already highly anticipated due to the WWE TV returns of renowned wrestlers Randy Orton and CM Punk.

Adding to the excitement, the first hour of the show was scheduled to be commercial-free, a move indicating WWE’s attempts to try and load up the show for the biggest possible rating.

Dixie Carter’s Wrestling Legacy

Dixie Carter’s involvement in professional wrestling has been significant, particularly through her tenure as the president of TNA.

Under her leadership, TNA became a notable competitor in the wrestling world, offering an alternative to WWE’s programming.

Her presence backstage at WWE RAW has sparked curiosity and speculation among fans and insiders alike.

Speculations and Potential Implications

As of now, it remains unclear whether Carter’s presence at WWE RAW was a mere visit or hints at a more significant role or collaboration with WWE.

Her history in the wrestling industry and her past role as a leader in TNA make her appearance noteworthy, and it could potentially signal new developments or partnerships in the wrestling world.

Although more likely is that she was just there to speak to former colleagues.


  • Who is Dixie Carter?
    • Dixie Carter is best known as the former president of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), a major wrestling promotion.
  • Why is Dixie Carter’s appearance at WWE RAW significant?
    • Her appearance is significant due to her past leadership role in TNA, a rival promotion to WWE, and her absence from wrestling events since 2022.
  • Will Dixie Carter appear on WWE programming?
    • As of now, there is no confirmation regarding her appearing on WWE programming.
  • What was the context of her appearance?
    • She was seen backstage at the WWE RAW event on November 27, 2023, an episode featuring the return of Randy Orton and CM Punk.
  • Could this signal a collaboration between Dixie Carter and WWE?
    • While it’s speculative at this stage, her presence has certainly sparked discussions about potential collaborations or roles within WWE.
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