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Former WWE Superstar Makes Bizarre Appearance on RAW

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In an unexpected twist that left fans both amused and nostalgic, former WWE star Gene Snitsky made a surprise backstage appearance on RAW, delivering a moment that was both bizarre and reminiscent of his time in the spotlight.

The WWE Universe was treated to a surprise when Gene Snitsky, known for his memorable and often quoted catchphrase, “It wasn’t my fault,” appeared backstage at WWE RAW.

This unexpected encounter occurred at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre Township, Pennsylvania, Snitsky’s home state, adding a personal touch to the already intriguing moment.

Chelsea Green’s Unanticipated Encounter on WWE RAW

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Chelsea Green found herself in a humorous standoff with Snitsky.

The former superstar didn’t miss the opportunity to recite his famous line, which seemed to catch Green off-guard and left her walking away in a huff, perhaps not quite in the mood for a trip down memory lane.

The Unpredictable Nature of WWE

This incident serves as a perfect example of the unpredictability that fans love. The world of professional wrestling thrives on such surprises, blending current storylines with the return of familiar faces from the past.

Snitsky’s appearance was a reminder of the spontaneity that keeps the WWE Universe engaged and always guessing.

The Impact of Nostalgia

For long-time followers of WWE, Snitsky’s appearance was more than just a bizarre incident; it was a moment that brought back memories of his tenure and the storylines that once captivated audiences.

It’s these moments of nostalgia that enrich the viewing experience, connecting the past and present of WWE’s storied history.

What It Means for WWE Fans

To the delight of fans, the company continues to find ways to innovate and entertain, ensuring that every episode of RAW is filled with potential surprises.

Whether it’s through the return of a legendary figure or an unexpected twist in the narrative, the company demonstrates its commitment to delivering a unique and thrilling spectacle.


  • Who is Gene Snitsky?
    • Gene Snitsky is a former WWE superstar known for his catchphrase “It wasn’t my fault.”
  • What happened during Snitsky’s appearance on RAW?
    • Snitsky made a surprise backstage appearance and interacted with Chelsea Green, reciting his famous catchphrase.
  • Where did this appearance take place?
    • The appearance occurred at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre Township, Pennsylvania.
  • Why do surprise appearances like Snitsky’s matter to fans?
    • Such appearances bring a sense of nostalgia and unpredictability that fans enjoy, linking the past with the current WWE narrative.
  • What does this mean for the future of WWE programming?
    • The company continues to innovate its programming with surprises that keep the audience engaged and looking forward to what might happen next.
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