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WWE RAW Superstar dealing with ANOTHER very legitimate injury

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In a recent turn of events, Liv Morgan, the former WWE Women’s Champion, is reportedly dealing with a new shoulder injury following WWE RAW.

This news comes as a significant setback for the superstar, who had just returned to the ring after recovering from a previous shoulder injury.

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WWE RAW: The Injury Angle

WWE recently ran an angle on RAW where Rhea Ripley attacked Liv Morgan, trapping her arm with a steel chair and stomping on it.

This incident was not merely a part of the storyline but a strategic move to write Morgan off TV due to her legitimate injury.

Bryan Alvarez, a well-known wrestling commentator, confirmed this during a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio.

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The Nature of the Injury

According to Alvarez, Morgan’s injury is serious enough to keep her out of action for an extended period.

The exact duration of her absence, however, remains uncertain. Interestingly, the injury involves Morgan’s opposite shoulder, not the one she previously injured.

This detail was revealed by Alvarez, who stated, “My understanding is it’s the other shoulder. They injured the left one in the storyline, but whichever one she hurt last time, I think she hurt the other one this time.”

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Speculations and Confirmations

While the nature of Morgan’s shoulder injury isn’t 100% confirmed, there are speculations that she might be dealing with a separated shoulder.

This information was reportedly making the rounds backstage during the recent RAW episode. However, official confirmation is still awaited.

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Impact on Morgan’s Career

This injury comes at a particularly unfortunate time for Morgan. She and her partner, Raquel Rodriguez, recently lost the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles to Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green.

This new injury could potentially sideline Morgan for a significant period, affecting her momentum and future opportunities in the WWE.

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